DANAAN Wood Vinegar

Improving the quality the color clarity, uniformity and production, good merchantability
Taste, flavor, sugar Its own specific flavor, sweetness enhancement, preservation of freshness
Increasing quantity Increasing quantity of fruit-vegetables, rice and cereals, panicle numbers and grains are increasing in size and number. Using less agricultural pesticides and fertilizers
Strengthening disease resistance Roots spread and absorb, so nutrient quantity is improved. Quality is improved by the clean soil environment.
Bigger roots Beautiful colors, excellent flavor, taste and merchantable quality
Classification (When to Use) Dilution rate 20 mal
(≒18 liters)
Before and after hibernation Danaan50cc(400fold) Recovery, Enough loyal buds to promote differentiation
Sprouts in germination period
Danaan25cc(800fold) ) Sprout growing, promoting healthy growth
The beginning of flowering season
(Bud forming period)
Danaan30cc(700fold) Sufficient nutrient supply, solid rachis, forming complexes, facilitate recording
After the flowering season
(When the flower wither)
Danaan35cc(600fold) Fruit promotion, they fish, preventing secured coniferous
The initial fruit growth Danaan30cc(700fold)    Provide adequate nutrition, fruit drop control, chlorophyl is getting dark and thick
The enlargement stage Danaan35cc(600fold)    Fruit enlargement, promoting formation of uniform fruit, sugar growing, early coloration,
even pigmentation (good, fair and poor)
Before and after the harvest Danaan40cc(500fold) Suse recovery, animals and cold weather, salt bridge to prevent