Own Brand CheonJiYin(天地人)
Items Functional Drink
Usage Having a vial(10mL) daily
Effects Raising immunity, Antioxidant - eliminating oxygen free radical[active oxygen]
Business Domestic / Export / Bulk supply

ORANGE WOOD VINEGAR, a healthcaring liquid aged 90 days, is made through the production procedure arbonizing Mandarin Orange Wood in clean and beautiful Jeju island.

Orange Wood Vinegar contains 10 kinds of organic acid as like Acetic acid, Butylic, Propionic acid, etc,Which effect to keep health. And have a natural energy to radiate 90% of Far-infra red ray on body temperature. Also it has a strong anti-bacterial function.

Orange Wood Vinegar is transparent dark brown. Edible level Wood Vinegar is made through high technologies' procedure, and finally become transparent little color